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Medical Office Assistant Course Diploma Program

Program gives students the knowledge necessary to perform the duties of a front-end office worker in a healthcare setting.

Medical Office Assistant

students can expect to gain employment in hospitals, doctor’s offices, urgent cares, clinics, emergency departments, and more.

Unit Clerk Course Diploma Program

Unit clerks play a vital role in managing information flow in a hospital nursing unit and are often the first point of contact for patients and their families. Unit clerks are responsible for greeting and directing visitors, patients and staff. They answer incoming calls and respond to inquiries, or redirect calls, relay messages and more.

First Aid Course

First Aid Training Class provides meaningful content intended to educate students on how to identify and respond to various situations that require first aid. The First Aid  Course Training includes specific details regarding common injuries and conditions.

Many jobs, especially in the healthcare industry, also require CPR & First Aid certification as a mandatory skill.

Medical Reception College We've Been in Business For Over 20 Years.

About Us, We appreciate your time to read a little bit about us


  1. No high school completion is needed. Complete a fast track program and earn a diploma in less than 14 weeks 

  2. Become a Certified Medical Office Assistant in only 12 weeks 

  3. Become a certified Unit-Clerk in only 14 weeks 

  4. Possible hires from our practicum placement 

  5. A diploma from the Medical Reception College is recognized by both employers and educational institutions

  6. Earn instant respect & status from your family and friends with a diploma and career as a Certified Medical Office Assistant


Graduate with the leading authority in Medical Office Assistant (MOA) Course Training

Student loans & living expenses are available. At Medical Reception College, we have been helping students build their careers for over 20 years as one of Canada’s career-training providers in the field of medical office assistant or unit clerk. We offer substantial market-driven programs that focus on helping our students develop the skills that are in demand right now by the leading employers in the health care industry. Your diploma will provide you with greater access to job security and financial stability by placing your name at the top of the list when applying for any available employment opportunities as a certified medical office assistant or unit clerk. Employers know that a diploma from Medical Reception College is an asset to any clinic, hospital, or medical office setting. Investing in yourself is the best investment you can make. Once you graduate, your diploma is yours for life. An award (diploma) from Medical Reception College offers more value for your money than any other program currently available anywhere in our opinion. On average, students earn their tuition back within their first few months of attaining employment. Our primary goal is to set you on the path to financial stability and job security. Upon completion of the program, you will receive your diploma and be registered in our national database certifying you to work as a certified medical office assistant or unit clerk. Once you receive your award (diploma), you will not need to take any additional courses to maintain its status. From the quality of our instructors, course materials, and resources the primary goal at Medical Reception College will always be to provide our students with a superior education geared towards a fruitful and long-term career. Whether you’re just beginning your training or looking for professional advancement through continued education, Medical Reception College can help you get there fast. In a matter of weeks, you will complete a career-focused program that ensures you build a skill set to help you launch a meaningful career that can last a lifetime and give you instant respect and status among your friends and family. 

What We Offer

Medical Office Assistant Training School Course Diploma Program Calgary Alberta Medical Reception College

Student Loan

Medical Office Assistant Online Training School Course Diploma Program Calgary Alberta Medical Reception College

Graduate in 3 months

Medical Office Assistant Online Training School Course Diploma Program Calgary Alberta Medical Reception College
Medical Office Assistant Online Training School Course Diploma Program Calgary Alberta Medical Reception College Graduation

Choose Inclass Or Online

Due to Covid 19 All Classes are Online


We Set your practicum up for you. You will be working in one of the following places hospital, doctor’s office, urgent care, clinic, radiology, and more.


Aisha A

The school was prompt in responding to my inquiries! My instructor was very informative and friendly. She helped me better understand the medical field and what needed to be done to achieve success. Got Hired After Graduation.

Kayla T

Instructor are very helpful and provide easy and quick help when needed! I am very please with the service I received.

Jay K

Love the school! It was fun, easy and fast. Finish my schooling back in 2011 and got a job at AHS with my diploma, been there since. It was a great experience, and extremely worth it.


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